2 thoughts on “The Conversion of Jimmy Carter

  1. Fr. Frank says:

    My one concern regarding this post is pulled from the “Just War Theory”. In that teaching of the Church, it remains to the “competent authority” to analyze the threat and act accordingly. We do not, for security reasons, have all the information our government leaders are working from. While I agree that “collateral damage” in the form of innocent civilians IS a travesty of justice, I know there is more to what is going on than we – including former presidents – have knowledge of. In the cause of full disclosure, I was a Marine Corps chaplain during Desert Storm. I know from first-hand experience that not all information was disclosed then regarding the actions taken. I seriously doubt the situation has changed regarding disclosure in the last 20 years.

  2. eneubauer says:

    Fr. Frank,

    I do appreciate your response. I do agree with the statement that, “we do not have all the information our government” has regarding global threats of terrorism / violence. However, focusing on that fact really distracts from the heart of the article. We cannot afford nor is it acceptable to attack in the same way / with the same methods as we are being attacked. In addition, we are using the excuse of being attacked or the possibility of being attacked as an excuse to liberalize the rules of engagement. In addition, competent authority is not the only criteria for engagement in a Just War.

    I have placed a ton of links in this article which express support for my conclusions. A great book, especially for evaluating EIT’s, is The Black Banners. The author was one of our top agents on the JTTF before, during and after 9/11. Partly Cloudy is a look at the ethics of covert actions including EIT’s although the author shy’s aways from developing a definitive conclusion as to the ethic of such activities. In addition, many from the Left to the Right have evaluated the NDAA 2012 and have found many items very concerning including the indefinite detention to suspects and the widening of the scope of the War on Terrorism to the United States.

    Lose our moral standing and reject the principles of Just War and we are in serious trouble. We might not “feel it” now – but we will in the near future.

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