New Year – Next Steps


January 17, 2014 by eneubauer

This New Year represents a new start for us as individuals, communities & congregations.  Beginning in October 2012 and ending in November 2013 the Year of Faith represented an opportunity for the Catholic faithful to respond to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI call to ongoing conversion, catechesis and ultimately outreach to those interested in exploring faith & the spiritual life.  This sentiment was echoed by Pope Francis on his first international trip to Brazil for World Youth Day.  There, before a crowd of thousands, he called the youth (and by implication the whole Church) to go beyond the four walls of the parish and take the Church into the streets to share the Good News.  Therefore, I am announcing an opportunity for faith communities & organizations alike to host a lecture, parish mission or special event to explore “next steps” beyond the Year of Faith.  Watch:

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