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February 14, 2013 by eneubauer

21 Century Pilgrim

St. Valentine is known as the patron of  love, young people and happy marriages.  Hence, St.Valentines day has become a celebration of love – with flowers, candy and cards being part of our modern expression.  Its hard not to mention that we have done a great job of commercializing this event –  placing certain expectations on individuals to purchase all sorts of goodies to mark the occasion as an act and sign of our singular devotion to a particular individual.  I have participated in this holiday with joy and have embraced it as an opportunity to show and share my love for wife, children, family and friends.

However, after a short study on the history of Valentinus I now make a few observations about this day that I have not made in the past.  First, let us remember that Valentinus was a temple priest – placed in prison during the reign…

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