St. Teresa of Calcutta

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September 6, 2016 by eneubauer

Mother Teresa by Chas Fagan

Mother Teresa by Chas Fagan

St. Teresa of Calcutta was a unique figure, a true leader and lover of the suffering Christ (I thirst…).  Her life example and work among the poorest of the poor has shaped a generation of Catholics, non-Catholics and the Church itself.  To those of us who have been personally impacted, challenged and shaped by her example – Mother she will always be!

Although I never met Mother Teresa I was able to work alongside the Missionaries of Charity in Comayagua, Honduras.  It was through this work and watching a documentary on the life of Mother Teresa that I was inspired to embrace, serve and work on behalf of the poor.  Reading her many books (& books about her) along with the experience of working alongside the Missionaries of Charity helped shape me into the man I am today.  I will be forever grateful for Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

For those who have been impacted or interested in getting to know St. Teresa of Calcutta I recommend these three books.  My personal favorites.

Mother Teresa: The Authorized BiographyThe first book is simply, Mother Teresa; The Authorized Biography by Navin Chawla.  This book is a great primer on the life of Mother Teresa, the woman and her work.


1543796The second book I recommend is, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light.  This book takes you inside the private world of Mother Teresa and the spiritual challenges she faced.  Many were surprised to learn that Mother had some serious “dark night of the soul” experiences throughout her life yet continued her work in faith with determination and a smile.

12862717The final book is a really fun read.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta, A Personal Portrait.  Inside Leo Maasburg chronicles 50 untold stories of Mother Teresa.  I found this book so fun to read especially the story about Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and Leo at Mass.


Check these out. Read. Share.


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